Friday, February 10, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Welcome to my home during Valentine's 
I'm so glad I brought my decorations to Canada,
I did it for Courtney because I wanted things to
be normal for her, but it has really helped me.
This ginormous card was a purchase from the dollar store.
I thought the chocolates were a nice touch.
My cute painted candle decoration and of course my cards.
Another view
Valentine sprinkles, my favorite, my darling spoons and a cute heart
pan, also purchased from the dollar store.  Not sure what you'd cook in it.
Kitchen towels hanging on the oven door handle.
More random stuff

My cutie, patootie aprons.
Take outs and dishes of chocolates.
I found this awesome wall vinyl and put it up this week.
Do you like my new table runner?   Yeah, me too!
Soooo pink and soooo cute!
This very wonderful quilt came in the mail this week
from a sweet mother of one of our elders.
  It is my red and white Canadian quilt.
My wonderful children, covered with roses.

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  1. Okay just a few thoughts...first I miss your decorations and can't wait for them and you to be back in your house here in Utah, second I Love the chocolates idea for decoration! very appropriate and cute! Third, Love the new wall sign! That is so perfect! Lastly I love that blanket! How sweet of her to make that for you! Love you! Hope you had a very Happy Valentines Day!