Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Transfer Meeting

Another transfer meeting.  My favorite meeting.  Why?  Because we get
to see so many missionaries and they are sooo excited to see each other.
You don't ever think about it, but some missionaries go months without seeing 
some of their former companions or missionaries they came out with.  There
is quite a bond, and it shows at these transfer meetings.

We have a new french canadian missionary.  We already have one out and
they are from the same ward back home.  Only they didn't know each other.
Our new elder joined the church after the other elder was already serving.

We have our sweet sisters.  I had the hardest time pulling them together for 
a picture, it took me forever, they are just too social.
But they are so cute!

 I couldn't resist, I had to sneak into one of their pictures.  Did I say that?
I hate to have my picture taken.
I guess the snowbank makes a good holding spot, I hope the luggage is
waterproof, because all the clothing will be wet.
Sometimes the trunks of the mission cars just aren't big enough.  
But it's amazing what they can fit in them.

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