Wednesday, February 15, 2012

St. Albert

We went to St. Albert today for a district meeting and decided to
drive around and take a look at the city.  We are trying to get around
and see some of the cities in the area of our mission.

St. Albert is a beautiful city, and one that I would like to spend more time
in.  They have beautiful neighborhoods and huge homes.  Homes that
I can only dream of.  But I can always dream.
Here is our new home, I love it and so does Chris.  The best part is this
front courtyard, with garages on both sides.  I don't think we would
need two garages so we would make the other side into an awesome library
or game room.  I like it!
This is a better view, I love the doors and the entry and the courtyard,
I love everything about this house.
I didn't love this one as much, but it's HUGE!  The garage could be 
our home by itself.  At least it's fun to look.  We can't wait to bring
Tyler back to look at these houses next time he comes for a visit.

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