Friday, February 17, 2012

Speaking of. . .

Speaking of, well speaking.  We were asked to speak at
The Bonnie Doon Stake young men's winter camp.
We had leadership training all day, then drove about an hour
and a half west, where the camp was being held near 
a lake.  We spoke in a gazebo, covered with tarps and
 heated with several space heaters, the room was pretty warm, 
it's the foot of snow that I had to walk through in my heels 
that made my feet freeze and go numb while I was speaking.  
We both spoke on missionary work, of course.   I shared with
them some of the stories that the elders shared with me about
people that had influenced their lives and helped them get on
their missions.
Then I took a few minutes to share with them some ideas 
about what they can do now, to prepare for a mission 
down the road.  I think it went ok.  After we were both
finished, they presented us with a gift.  It was this beautiful
glass paper weight (pictured above) with the Scouts Canada logo
and a wolf howling at the moon.  And they also gave us each a
wrist band and a patch with their theme, designed by one of the
scouts.  They were very nice and generous.

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