Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day, Sweet!

Happy Valentine's Day!
What's Valentines Day without sugar cookies.
I loved it when Mom would make her delicious sugar cookies
and decorate them with little flowers and pink borders for
all the kids and grandkids.  Yum!
I made Mom's sugar cookies and used my cute sprinkles
and I tried several other new recipes for the incoming elders
and for a few other missionary gatherings.
I made an almond cookie with a cream cheese frosting,
they were ok, but not terrific.  Will I make them again?
That's the real question.  As of yet, undecided.
I tried another one with a really good flavor, made with
maraschino cherry juice, but they cooked up really ugly.
Then I tried the torte cookies, the base has made with coconut 
with raspberry jelly sandwiched in between.  They were pretty 
and tasty, they might just be a keeper.  We'll see.

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