Tuesday, February 7, 2012

New Missionaries #13

We are welcoming a brand new batch of elders today.  Everything is 
ready at home and at the office, all we have to do is pick them up.
So off to the airport we go.  Next time we should be picking them up in 
the new international section of the Edmonton Airport.  Yeah!!!
This is a new sign, maybe it's an upgrade for the new airport section.

It was a beautiful sunny day, a little cold but sunny.  We keep telling
the new missionaries that they are very lucky, the weather has been gorgeous.

Next they need to get their paper work and get all their luggage into the trailer.
Shoes, brand new shiny, new missionary shoes.
We had a really nice lunch at the office, I made Valentine cookies, and they
all seemed to enjoy the new flavored chips and the cookies.  They filled out
the necessary paper work and watched the driving video.  They even got a 
kick out of the "special" medical training by Elder Woodruff.

After the office we head to the mission home, where President interviews
the new missionaries, the assistants train and I have them write a letter home
and fill out a "getting to know you" paper.  We eat dinner and then enjoy 
a nice fireside together where they get instruction from President and myself,
watch a slide show of pictures from around the mission and hear 
testimonies of our new, tired, humble and scared missionaries.
When all is done, I give them a taste of Tim Horton's and they head
off to the assistants apartment for the night.  Whew!!

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