Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Loving ZLC

I went all out for February's Valentines Day.  Some of the
elders requested BLT's.  That sounded pretty straight forward
 and rather easy, just cook up a little bacon and toast some bread.
I spent all morning cooking and getting lunch ready.
I wanted to make a fun dessert, so I started with chocolate 
dipped strawberries to add to the dessert plate.
Then of course, because the elders would notice, I made
fancy chocolate filigrees to put on top.

During the "fish bowl" the assistants took my suggestion and
played the "block" challenge.
They took my blocks, put them in a basket and had both teams
pick a representative from each team to spell out a saying.
We had to make sure it was fair, so we put the blocks equally
in the bottom of the basket so that all the letters were down.
Here's the board for the fish bowl game.  Categories, 
Preach My Gospel, Scriptures and the dreaded question mark.
This is the saying, LUCK O THE IRISH, that little blob
at the end is supposed to be a shamrock thanks to Elder Bodine.
The first team took 1 minute 40 seconds to complete.
The second team took their turn, they
  took a little longer than the first team.  Sorry!

Back to lunch, I thought it was going to be a no brainer, but for the 
first time, I was not ready, so I put the elders to work.This is the salad 
assembly line.  Elder #1 is dishing the greens, Elder #2 is sprinkling 
on fresh strawberries and Elder #3 is pouring on the poppyseed 
dressing and topping with sugared sliced almonds.  Very nice, the 
salads looked awesome.  We ate them before I could get a picture.
So, I'm serving BLT's, chips, broken glass red jello, the salad 
and dessert, crepe wrapped ice cream with chocolate and caramel
drizzle, raspberry puree, whip cream and the filigree, with a
chocolate dipped strawberry on the side.  Voila!
After lunch I was exhausted!  But I still had Valentines to do.
I thought it would be fun to give all the elders Valentines.
 I found some cute cards and bought little dig 'n dips as a treat.  Then 
wrote them all out with their names and signed from President and
 myself.  It was kind of fun, I haven't done something like that for 
years.  At least since Courtney was in elementary school.
Ok, now for the question of the day, what is wrong with
this picture?  I'll give you a hint, count the pairs of shoes.
If you can see, there are 17 pairs of shoes, we have 12 zone leaders,
2 assistants and 1 president.  Someone's brought an extra pair of
shoes for the shiny shoe contest.  Elders, elders, elders.  You
don't mess with Sister Campbell.  I fooled them, I gave them all a treat
today for Valentine's, I wasn't planning on doing the shiny shoe
contest today.  Ha ha, gotcha Elder ___________!  The
name has been withheld to protect him from the other elders.
He could be in serious trouble, at least from me.

I think the Valentines turned out really cute, even the cards were cute.
They all picked up their cards and treat on the way out.
Someone finally played with the poetry magnets on the fridge.
I've waited patiently for weeks, of course there is hardly anyone here.
  Kind of creepy.
Ahh poetry!
"you & I are not diamond dinner laugh time, yes"
"this honest tender heart, desires to marry a flower stand, later! Ok!"
Beats me?

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