Wednesday, February 8, 2012

So Long, Elders!

We say goodbye to four more elders, we will miss them.
We are growing closer and closer to these missionaries, then we have 
to say goodbye to them, not knowing if we'll ever see some of them again.
But I truly feel that we will be friends for eternity.
After transfer meeting I took the outgoing elders to the mission home,
President and the assistants had a leadership training. 
 I had lunch ready, chicken salad croissants, chips, pretzel salad and cookies.
While we waited, I had them do all of my going home "things".
Sign my book, fill out my paper, highlight their favorite scripture,
tell me their favorite recipe and sign my apron.  Then when
President got home he started interviews.  We took them into the
temple and did a session, along with a few Grand Prairie elders.
Then came back to the house for dinner.  I fixed enchiladas, the elders
were really excited about that, chips and salsa, leftover pretzel salad
and corn on the cob.  Yummy!
I tried to make as many things pink as I could, you know for
Valentine's Day.  The sour cream, the salad, the dessert.
I made chocolate eclair dessert, 
it was very tasty.  Then after dinner we headed downstairs for the fireside.
It's all beginning to be quite a routine, not for the outgoing missionaries
of course, but it is for us.  And it's all good, we enjoy it.

We sing hymns, watch a video of the mission sights,
take pictures, more pictures, and . . . cut ties.

One of our outgoing elders was showing off the 50 pounds he's lost
 over the past 4-6 months.  He really does look good, and his
suit is really too big.  His parents will be so surprised.

Another elder has kept his piano talents a secret, he can play
hymns and he didn't tell me.  He played for our fireside.
I will never sing "God Be With You 'Til We Meet Again"
the same way ever again.  He basically taught himself to play.

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