Saturday, September 29, 2012

Grande Cache

We thought we'd drive through Grande Cache on our way home,
it might be our last opportunity.
We were excited to see the fall leaves, 
they were okay, but nothing spectacular.
Lots of yellows, a few oranges,
no red leaves.  We haven't seen any at all this year.
This was a gorgeous valley, filled with color.
Unfortunately, no moose, not a one.
But we did find this bighorn sheep,
"world's largest" according to a website I found.  Regrettably,
 there are several claims to the "world's largest" bighorn sheep.
This is a rock Inuksuk.
And this is the "world's largest" bear, in Hinton.
Not a very nice friendly looking bear, is he?
Actually, he's quite frightening.  Not like you'd want to 
pose your children in front of him.
Now this squirrel, he's cute, kid friendly cute.
He's new on the list, the "world's largest" squirrel in Edson.
We are seeing all kinds of "world's largest" today.

Look, another bighorn sheep, you guessed it, "world's largest".
We see a lot of these too.  They must be proud of their aircraft.

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