Wednesday, September 19, 2012

September Zone Conference

So, for September's zone conference, I felt the need to teach 
 the missionaries some of the basics; sewing, ironing, laundering.
I have found in recent months that some of the missionaries have 
forgotten some of these elementary skills.  I'm going to give them
a little assistance and it's not just the elders.  
Just to give you an idea, I have seen some pretty wrinkled shirts,
as have the office staff, hems being held up with duct tape and shoes
that don't look like they've seen a shine since they came out of the box.
And that is just not good enough for the Canada Edmonton Mission.
First I was going to have them do each task, but there is just not enough
time, so I let them choose the one they needed the most help with.
Ironing a shirt, sewing on a button or shining their shoes.
To give them credit, most of them knew how to do these things,
they simply choose not to.  But there were some that I was able to help.

Shining shoes,
see how nice they look?
We interviewed Ed North on Tuesday and had a combined ZC
with Bonnie Doon on Wednesday.
In fishbowl, they pitted zone against zone,

Then two lucky victims, I mean elders, will be demonstrating the
famous, wall sit.
They have to sit in a perfect 90 degree and read from the old
testament, out loud, the first one to finish the read or hold the pose
the longest, wins the point.
And of course, scripture chase, always a crowd favorite.
Lunch was set out and ready for us, it looked really good,
but we were too slow and we didn't get any,
they ran out.  Good day to start a diet.
Don't get me wrong, they are wonderful and we 
appreciate them feeding us, but elders have mighty appetites.

Elder Taylor is shining his shoes, he hasn't shined them for awhile,
can you tell?  They might hold out for another month or two.
The missionaries get treats when their cars are inspected each zone
conference.   A few areas are walking, they don't get treats, because
they don't have a car.  Belmead wasn't going to put up with this
any longer, so they solved it by doing. . . 
They made a city bus, so they could get a treat.  Funny, but very clever!
After my interview, they were treated to milk and cookies,
the perfect after school snack.  I made three different kinds
of cookies, peanut butter, chocolate chip and chocolate rolo's.
They were all very tasty.
There were over 35 buttons sewn on,
two dozen shoes shined,
12 shirts ironed and over 100 instructions given on 
how to properly launder the necks of their white shirts.
They are getting very fancy with the fishbowl board, pictures
of fishes and everything.
The Relief Society sisters served up sweet pork burritos,
with all the fixin's, it was yummy!

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