Friday, September 28, 2012

Grande Prairie, ZLC

We were on our way to Grande Prairie when we came
across this scene.  
It's the bridge over the North Saskatchewan 
river and this particular morning the fog off the water was creeping 
onto the road, very erie.

The Grande Prairie zone is rather small, only 12 elders so
although we have to travel 5 hours to get there, it's the shortest
interview process.  But we still have to do it in two days,
one for the interviews and one for the conference.
A few elders tried their hand at polishing their shoes.
Before on the right and after on the left, what do you think?
No doubt this is Grande Prairie, mostly trucks in the parking lot.
After lunch, I couldn't keep the elders from playing on the nursery toys.
Just kidding, I set up this picture, but it's cute huh?  There's nothing
like a little toy kitchen.

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