Monday, September 24, 2012

The Fort!

We've been to Fort Saskatchewan many times, but we've never
stopped, taken pictures, or picked up a pin.  No better time than
the present, I always say.  Well not always, but I did say that today.
We drove into town late afternoon and spotted this school
bus, loved what it was called, scholar hauler, too cute.
I guess this is officially "the fort"
and the back side, just kidding.
But here's the sign.
This little train station appears to be the information booth, that's
usually where we find the pins.  But this had all kinds of fun relics.
This is an old caboose, a Canada National Railway caboose.
And the old Fort Saskatchewan train station,
with a hand cart out front.  Looks kind of tempting, I think this would
be a lot of fun.
We picked up a pin and talked to a friendly guy that wanted to
take us on a tour and tell us all about Canada and the history of
the "fort", no thank you.  We are tired and we want to go home.

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