Monday, September 24, 2012



Another one of our attraction tickets took us north west.
 Past these beautiful wheat fields,
or hay fields,
whatever they are they were awesome.
Then further along the way we spotted these hay rolls,
what a perfect hide and seek field, don't you think?
This is the Prairie Gardens Adventure Farm and the greeter, kind of cute.
A few more spooky decorations.
Pumpkins, pumpkins, everywhere
as far as the eye can see.
Loved this wagon of pumpkins,
and these,
and these.
There's a snowball fight in this tent.

I'm going to go home and plant a pumpkin patch, a whole field full.

This cute little billy goat was having a wonderful time with this
ear of corn.  He was out of his cage, but wouldn't stop eating.
Chris posed for me by the pumpkin wagon.
There were several tents like this one, but we came on
a Monday, right after a huge carnival held here on Saturday, 
and today there was nothing going on.  It was almost like a
ghost town,  all the tents were empty, 
at least void of people and activities.
But there were plenty of pumpkins, did I mention that?
There were these great little buildings, but nothing in them.
I was dying to check out the fudgery, but it was closed,
as was the lost lemon mine.
Shooting Gallery, you guessed it, closed.
Took a picture of this for the idea, very fun.  Cinder blocks stacked
on top of each other with polls stuck through the holes to make a
fence.  Top with gourds, pumpkins and corn stalks, super cute.
They also had a corn maze across the field, but it was. . . 
It was very much like Lacombe's corn maze we went to last week.
With the exception of the wonderful array of pumpkins, I like
 Lacombe's corn maze way better.

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