Saturday, September 1, 2012

Warm Reception!

When we showed up for the baptism, I could tell there was something
going on in the cultural hall, so I snuck in to take a peek.
They were setting up for a wedding
This must be for pictures or something.
It's really fun to see the differences, 
Utah receptions vs. Canadian receptions
We've only been to one, we've seen one being set up while we 
were having a meeting in the chapel and we are invited to one tonight.
But from what I can tell, they plan on dinner, which we don't do
in Utah, they have the bridal party at a table in the front,
see the above two pictures.
And they do their best to make a church gymnasium look
like a reception hall.  I love the chair covers, that has to be pretty
pricey, they must buy and borrow.
It's fun to see what the latest color schemes are.

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