Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Typical Day in the Life, eh!

We had another transfer this week, but because I'm not allowed to post pictures
of the missionaries so I decided to share in words what we do.

This is pre transfer and new missionary day

Bake cookies, cook beef, grocery shopping, look over packets, pack basket for lunch items, gas up car, drive through car wash, drive to airport, wait, pace, wait, “here they come”, greet new missionaries, shake their hands, hug new sisters, let them meet assistants, put their luggage in the trailer, take pictures, take more pictures, drive to office,
wash hands, bless food, eat lunch, take individual pictures, copy paper work, driving video, medical training, interviews for driving, load missionaries back in van, drive to mission home, interviews, assistants training, resting, letters to mom, gift bags, fix dinner, wash hands, bless food, eat supper, finish interviews, fireside, song, opening prayer, video, council from President and Sister Campbell, testimonies, song, prayer, send missionaries to assistants apartment, companion decisions, letters, cooking for tomorrow, dishes, bedtime!

And this is transfer and departing missionary day

Get up, put breakfast out, drive to stake center, new trainers meeting, song, prayer, song prayer, meet trainers, hand out trainers treats, song, prayer, training, song, prayer, pictures, move into transfer meeting, greet all missionaries, herd them into chapel, meeting, song, prayer, announce areas, office staff training, musical number, farewell testimonies, President’s council, sing O Canada, prayer, mail pickup, pictures, hugs, tears, more hugs, more pictures, luggage into trailer, outgoing missionaries to mission home, wash hands, bless food, serve lunch, interviews begin, going home regiment, visiting, more interviews, filling out customs card, load missionaries into van again, head to temple, temple session, more pictures, back to mission home, wash hands, bless food, eat dinner, more visiting, win, lose, or draw, fireside, song, prayer, video, our tearful farewell and advice, sad closing song, prayer, tie cutting, hugs, more pictures, dessert, pack and weigh suitcases, repack and weigh luggage, load luggage into trailer, no sleep, we crash, up at 4:00AM, load missionaries into van, drive to airport, roll all luggage into airport, goodbyes for assistants at the curb, check in at kiosks,  stand in line, pay for luggage, get them through, say goodbye for last time, drive home, watch the sun rise, get home around 6:00AM

Typical day in the life of a mission president and wife, eh?

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  1. Love it! I feel so blessed to have been able to witness one of those weeks. It truly is an amazing and organized process. Those missionaries are in GREAT hands with you and dad!