Friday, September 21, 2012

Lacombe, Corn Maze

I have been seeing advertisements for this corn maze
for two years now, so we finally made the time, and went.
I am soooo excited!
It was any Halloween lovers dream, and that's ME!
I'm going to build one of these when I get home, you'll see why.
This is a huge water tower, that is constantly sending water down the trough.
And flowers, lots and lots of gorgeous flowers, ahhh!
Another cute idea, brightly painted rocking chairs.
On the water tower it reads, Krazy Mining,
and as you can see it is set up for water mining.
The water feeds down the trough and as the water rushes by,
people can buy bags of dirt with rocks hidden in it and there are
wooden blocks with screen on the bottom and you dump the dirt
in the block and sift or wash away the dirt and rocks appear.
Just like panning for gold, so fun.
There are some awesome playgrounds,
 giant game boards,
and rubber ducky races.
This one is brilliant, there are two rain gutters with a water hand-
pump at each end, the person places the rubber duck in the rain
gutter and begins pumping and the race is on.  The first rubber duck 
to the other end, wins.
speaking of ducks, ahhh!  Warm, fuzzy, baby ducks.
Some facts about chickens, could have never prepared me for this. . . 
yes, this is real, it's not fake or pretend, these are real live chickens,
very fluffy, puffy chickens.  Kinda creepy.
They had goats and bunnies too!  They even have a billy goat's gruff
bridge that the goat's walk across, back and forth all day.
These are a must for our yard, back home, so great for parties
and grandkids.
The one above is a checker board,
this one is snakes and ladders, I would make it chutes and ladders,
don't care for the snakes,
and this is a giant chess game.  This is the second time I've seen chess pieces
 this size, there must be a website. (make a note, look for giant chess pieces)
Apparently this corn maze has been around for sometime.  
This board shows the past 10 years and the mazes they've created.
Here's just one example, 2003, the loonie.
This was fun, they had different entrances and exits that you could
try and there were game cards to give you help (hints) along the way.
For instance, this one,
this one,
and this one, very clever.  You could spend all day and have fun with
each of them, unfortunately we didn't have all day, it was kind of warm,
and to be perfectly honest, the maze was not that well done.  There
were large areas of nothing, you didn't feel the entrapment of the ones
back home.  Oh well, we had fun.
Here we are trying to take a picture of ourselves, like the kids do,
not so good, just ok.  Am I really that short?
They had a miniature golf coarse that was included in the entrance 
price, so we tried our hand at that.  I started off kind of shaky
but as you can see, I kicked President's butt.
Loved this, it's a spider web made out of rope for the kids to climb on.
Abby, this would be great in your new back yard.
This is a map of all the attractions available at the corn maze,
pretty amazing.  We didn't even get to the pumpkin blaster, barrel train
or jumping pillow.  There's always next year, oh, no there's not. ;p
They have piggy races too!
Lots of pumpkins, I loved the fun display, the old wagon
 and all the different kinds of pumpkins and gourds.
I took a few more pictures of the "flower barn",
just because it was so beautiful, the flowers are spectacular for as
short of a growing season as they have here.
Definitely worth the time and money.  We had such a fun day
 together, helps to get away for a little breather now and then.  
And, I do love autumn.  Can't get enough, it goes by too fast.

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  1. I loved the picture of you and dad! What a fun little place!