Friday, March 8, 2013

82nd Ave.

I took the girls down to Whyte Ave, to let them walk around and
see some of the unique shoppes.
It was freezing, but we found a good parking spot and just walked
around a little bit.  The sun was glorious.
A metal sculpture in front fo the Tin Box store.
We found this amazing painting on the front of a utility box.
The girls in front of, "When Pigs Fly".  One of my favorite places.
See, the sun is very shiny!
That night they had a little fun before they packed up to go home.
Courtney had been given this bottle of "glow in the dark" bubbles from
Bryce, she actually gave them to him when he had surgery and he
hadn't used them and was leaving for his mission, so he gave them back.
They carefully read the directions, added the secret pouch,
and gently stirred.
 Voila, it worked!  Then the fun began.
First, they tried it outside, but it was too light to see, so then they
brought it in and blew the bubbles in the house.  It worked, all over
the floor, it worked.  Chris suggested it, so the girls were down with it.
It cleaned up really easily, but it was great to see it on their socks,
pants, hands and feet.  Very cool.
The girls would like to be up and on their way by 4:00 AM, we'll see
if they get to bed and get any sleep.  Not ready to say goodbye.
But we've had a blast!

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