Saturday, March 2, 2013

Zone Leader Council

It's St. Patrick's and the wearin' of the green.
So it seemed only appropriate to follow the theme through ZLC.
I set the tables, made the sour cream green, put out the decorations,
I used everything I had to make it look festive.
I made the lemonade green,
tossed a green salad, turned the Ranch green,
added four leaf clover peppers to the meatloaf,
and if I could have found green aluminum foil, I would have 
wrapped the potatoes with that, but alas, I haven't seen any.

I think the elders enjoyed the meal, they seemed to eat it all up.

I made a tasty little layered dessert, using Oreo crumbs,
pistachio pudding, topped with cool whip and brickle bits.
It was delicious.

I did something different this month.  Instead of choosing the shiniest
shoes and giving that elder a prize, I showed the zone leaders how much
I care for them and shined all their shoes, as an act of service.
There were a few that were already pretty nice, but I gave them all
a once over and made them all clean and shiny.
All 16 pair, I even shined President's shoes that were in his den.
We have some very tall elders, and with tall elders come large shoes.
These belong to Elder Johnson, see how my foot compares.

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