Thursday, March 7, 2013

Happy Easter!

We started the day by decorating easter eggs, I told the girls that they 
wanted to. They were very willing to cooperate with my silly plans.
They jumped right in and started to get very clever.
I had already boiled the eggs, so they each grabbed a cooked, white 
egg and began the process of creating greatness.

Such a poser!
Now they're all posing.

It's not rocket science Courtney, pick a color and dunk!
So cute, smiling for Chris, don't they look awesome?
And the process begins.
A few of the finished product.

Courtney O, spent all morning curling Courtney's hair, looks
gorgeous I know.
Now they're getting a little more clever.

The girls with their finished, colorful, easter eggs.
Courtneys went a little crazy with the stickers found in the egg dying kit.
After the eggs were done, I made some of them into deviled eggs for our
easter picnic, which we ate in our pretend park.  It's hard to picnic outside
with a foot of snow still on the ground.
We had hot dogs, deviled eggs, chips, flavored lemonade,
and frog eye salad, Yum!
After our dinner out at Montana's, we came back to the house to
find that the easter bunny had been there while we were gone.
The girls combed the house to find the treats that had been left.
I only had to help with a few that they struggled to find.
Haley's looking everywhere.
They each found a plateful to enjoy and take home.

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