Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Real Mexican Food

We were in Red Deer this week for interviews and zone conference.
While we were packing up our things after interviews, the conversation
turned to mexican food, good mexican food.  Something that is unheard
of here in Canada.  Well, Elder Vega, a true Californian told me about
a restaurant in town that he swears by.  Says it is really good, as good as
anything he's had up here.  Maybe not quite as good as back home, but close.
I asked Chris if he'd like to give it a try, and he excitedly said "yes"!
So I got the address and we went straight there.  We were tired and 
hungry.  We looked over the menu and both decided on the same thing,
chicken enchiladas.  And this is what we were served. (above)
It looked perfect, just like something we'd be served back home at
Javier's or El Matador, even down to the plate.  Was it as good?
Well . . . . .
Chris liked it, as for me, I think I'll just wait until I get back home.

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