Monday, March 4, 2013

Day Out

We decided we might as well start the week off with a bang,
so we chose to take a trip to the West Ed Mall.  I fixed a nice breakfast,
of course they all slept in until 10:00, then it took them 2 hours 
to get ready.  I'm so glad I didn't have triplets. 
But, don't they look cute!
We stopped at the temple so Haley could see it and took a few pictures.
We are going to try and get them in to do baptisms, later in the week.
I love this mall, it's so full of fun and exciting things to see and do, 
way more than just shopping, that's for sure.

This spot used to be a trampoline jumping attraction and since we've
been here they've changed it to a rope coarse.  We haven't been on it
yet, but I think I would really like to try it.
This is a new attraction that has just opened, I guess it's got a lot
of her personal things, dresses, gowns.  I thought that might be fun
to see until I heard it was like $25 to get in.  No thanks, I love Diana,
but not that much.  I looked for it, but I couldn't ever find it.
Our next stop, the theatre.  Lots of picture opportunities.  I had the
girls pose like the statue they were standing under.
Haley, the thoughtful one, Courtney, the wise one and Courtney, the elephant one.
 The mall got a new store, they've been working on it for months.  It is really
quite fascinating, and it's HUGE!  Welcome to Simons!
 I took these two pictures in the store before Courtney informed me that
 stores don't like it when you take pictures.  Something to do with stealing
their fashion ideas.  I can understand that.  I was going to pose the girls in 
front of these too, to take another picture, but we didn't dare.  Notice, 
there are three of them.
 Then we stopped for nourishment, at the food court.  The girls
had lunch with Mr. Bronze.
 The girls were all quite smitten with him.  It was interesting to see
what they all chose.  Haley had caesar salad with salmon, Courtney 
chose Arby's, Mr. Bronze a burger and Courtney picked oriental.
We took the girls to the amusement park.  They debated riding
the roller coaster, but ended up in the Hurricane Simulator.
Sorry Haley, the flash took out your face
That night they all went on a date, with Travis, Adam and
Bryan.  They went to IKEA and did a photo scavenger hunt,
(which I made up for them) had dinner at Red Robin and went
back to Adam's for a movie.  I think they had a good time.

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