Friday, March 22, 2013

March Zone Conference

Zone Conferences have come around once again,
good news, bad news, 
good news, we only have one more round of zone conferences to go,
bad news, we only have one more round of zone conferences to go.

The sisters in Millwoods made these wonderful candy centerpieces for
our lunch today.  They had scriptures attached to the base and the candy
was our dessert, cute idea.

I don't know why I find this so fascinating,
but I love the missionaries winter coats, all hung up in a row.
One of our elders has a new baby sister,
he brought pictures to interviews to show us.  He didn't even know his
mother was expecting a new baby until about a month ago.  I guess
she was trying to surprise him.  Isn't she darling!

Picture time again, but not until after Elder Stevens tried his hand
at the tablecloth trick, he failed of course.  Water everywhere!
Ed North Stake flew Elder and Sister Garrett down for stake conference,
it just happened to be the weekend after our zone conference, so I suggested
that they bring them down a few days early from Yellowknife, let them 
experience a zone conference, go to the temple, do a little shopping,
so they did.  They had to get a picture on their iPad.

Then onto Grande Prairie, the final conference for this round.
Their favorite is fish bowl, the teams, "The Glorious 6" and "Team Rocky".
Looks like The Glorious 6 is taking the lead.

A scripture question is posed, they are getting harder and harder
Such a small zone, everyone gets involved.
Team Rocky is catching up and narrowing the lead.
Time for lunch, they put out quite the spread.
Tacos, with ALL the trimmings.  Looks so good.
They ate and ate to their hearts desire.

Time for the shiny shoe contest, well, will you just look at those
shiny shoes.  Some more so than others.
The ceiling fan had a protective cage around it, for obvious basketball
reasons, but the elders were joking about putting kids up there during
meetings, they think they are so funny.

And that is the end of that.
Six more zone conferences to go this June and then we are done.

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