Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Welcome, 18 & 19 Year Olds

We get to pick up a new group of missionaries today, one of three
groups left for us to welcome to the mission.
 They are here, 30 minutes delayed, but here.  See how our incoming
days go, they are supposed to be here at 11:23, didn't get in 'til 12:03
and at 12:35, we are still waiting for them to come out of customs.
 Nice sunny day, things are melting and slushy, but still very cold.
Time to get our new missionaries luggage into the trailer.
 Lots and lots of luggage,
 it's amazing that they can get their lives into three pieces of luggage
and a backpack.

 It's always fun to greet them, and they always seem so thrilled to 
finally be here, in the "field".

 After lunch and office training at the stake center, we head back to the 
mission home for interviews and more training. 

 After supper and a fireside, we introduce the newcomers to
the wonderful world of Tim Horton's donuts.
 They even had special ones for Easter, so festive.

What a special day, and after hours and hours of meeting and
talking and eating and paper work and interviewing and more
eating and singing and testifying, it is time to say goodnight.
The elders are off to the assistants apartment for the night and the
sisters will stay the night at the mission home, downstairs in the
bunk beds, at this point, they are so tired, I don't think they really
care where they sleep.  It has been a glorious day!

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