Thursday, March 7, 2013

Ribs, Ribs, Ribs

We woke up this morning, and surprise, it's Easter.
Or at least it is, in our house.  We had to fit it all in.
That evening, the girls all dressed up and we went to Montana's 
for Courtney's birthday dinner, she wanted ribs.
Looks pretty good, all-you-can-eat too!
How is that tiny thing going to eat all that meat? 
 Plus more, if she wants it.
The girls had a great time using the crayons and drawing on the tablecloth
paper.  Love the moose (Courtney O's), Happy Birthday wish and 
"we are from Utah" declaration.  We have some talent at our table.

Haley made sure the waitress knew what we were celebrating, she
wanted to see what they do for birthdays at Montana's.  Of course
we already knew, but she didn't believe us.  
Yep, that's right, they bring this awful moose head, place it on your
head (who knows how many filthy heads have worn this) and you
wear it while they "loudly" sing to the birthday girl.  It was great,
she was a very good sport and the girls loved it.
The moose head and singing didn't deter her at all, "look Mom, 
all gone".  She finished the first rack of ribs and ordered a second
half order.  Not bad for our petite little daughter.  
We were blessed to have three daughters with us tonight.   
Courtney, Courtney and Haley.  What a wonderful visit we are having.
They couldn't resist revealing the message that yes, they were from
Utah, and yes, we have fry sauce.  Nanny, nanny!
Another cute Canadian moose, how do I know it's a Canadian?
Because he has a maple leaf tail and speaks Canadian, Eh?
We had a wonderful evening together.  Good company, good food.

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