Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Happy Birthday, Courtney!

Because we only have Courtney for a week, and
we've missed so many things with her, we are going
to try and fit them all in during her stay.  Today is
going to be her birthday.  We won't be with her when she
turns 19 at the end of the month, so today is her birthday.
We took the girls to the water park, while we went to pick
up Elder Talauega at the airport.  That's what she wanted to
do for her birthday.
They were waiting for the loop to loop to open, when we got there.
We were able to watch them all ride it once, then they went back
 a second time.  Except for the crazy stalker, before they went
into the water park, they had a great time. 
They came home, exhausted, but had a great day.  

They showered and then did a little homework, well not really,
they just did a lot of texting.
I surprised Courtney with homemade cheesecake for her birthday cake.
It was delicious, I think I've found a perfect recipe.  Cheesecake Factory copy cat.
Look at those eyes sparkle.  
We played lots of games.  Haley even played two dice games
with just me and her.  It was so much fun.

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