Saturday, April 14, 2012

April ZLC

We had to put off ZLC for a couple of weeks because 
of General Conference and the girls being here.
So, when we did finally have it, I knew I had to keep 
with the Easter theme.  It was so much fun.
I hung onto Courtney's flowers as a centerpiece, I put little
nests of grass for each elder with a foiled wrapped chocolate
egg at each place setting, complete with fun napkins.
It looked pretty cute, as did the table in the kitchen.

Then I added fortune cookies to tie in the food.

Plus, fun treats to snack on downstairs during the after lunch training.
I bought the candy for fun and decorating, I'm hoping that the elders 
will eat it all up.

The elders' hands are washed and they are ready to eat, but not
until they sing, for me!  They started by singing, For the Beauty
of the Earth, complete with harmony,  then they ended with . . .

Sister Campbell, you're so great,
and we love you very much. 
 It was very touching, not to mention hilarious.  I love them too!
I asked the assistants what they wanted for lunch, they suggested
hawaiian haystacks.  So that's what we had.  It makes it so much
easier when a suggestion is made.  Deciding what to have is half
the battle.  There was still a lot of work and last minute chopping but
trust me, it helped.
I fixed, rice (lots and lots and they ate it all), chicken gravy with
pieces of chicken, shredded cheese, pineapple tidbits, chopped tomato,
diced celery, green, red and yellow peppers, chow mein noodles,
rolls and butter.  They ate almost everything I put out.
And for dessert, we had gourmet Peep s'mores.
Purple peep with Reese's cup
Green peep with Reese's cup
Now this, this is the true story.  It takes me up to two days to get all the
dishes washed and put away.  Crazy huh?
And that's using paper plates and plastic cups.  Wow!
Shiny shoe contest, if I forget or don't do it, I hear about it.
They don't come right out and say anything, they just drop subtle hints.
These shoes were very shiny, very nice.

Training is over, time to put away the tables and chairs, everyone helps.

Getting all lined up, I'm still trying to figure out my camera and
get the very best photo.
It takes them a minute to stop being silly and get serious for picture
taking.  They all put out their cameras and I take all the pictures.

I insist they take one good one, for posterity.
Then I let them take a silly one, whatever they want to do, 
as long as it's appropriate.

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