Saturday, April 7, 2012

Baptisms and a Little Bit of Heaven

I did some finagling and got the girls in on a baptism
session with one of the wards here.  That's how
it works, they give each ward a date and the ward
usually fills all the spots very quickly, but this happened to 
be an outlying ward that has a small youth group.
So we put their names on the list.  When we got
there, the youth were all sick, so they gathered a few
adults and a couple of new converts and brought them
down.  So the girls were able to do 15 names each as
well as myself, I did 15 names.  It was a wonderful 
experience with our girls.
Even though the sun was harsh, we had to get some pictures
in front of the temple.  Then we went home and I made a little
piece of heaven for our dessert.
This is Pavlova, I've fixed it for Courtney before and we just had
to have it again, because it's soooo heavenly!
The meringue turned out perfect, we added lots of yummy
sweetened whip cream and delicious fresh fruit.
Then, we wrestled! 

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  1. Um...Hi. I have visited multiple times and never had PAVLOVA!!!! Please add it to the list of these to do when I visit again-it looks fabulous! THank you. :)