Monday, April 23, 2012

The Family is Coming

Family is everything, especially when you are far away from home, so when
family decides to drive over 1,000 miles to come and visit, it's hard to say no.
Bart talked to me earlier this year and told me he and Penny were planning
on taking vacation time and want to come for a visit.
Well, Bart being the wonderful person that he is, invited Mom and Jo
to come along for the ride.  Very kind and unselfish of him.

As luck would have it, a few weeks before they were supposed to come
Penny was assigned to go to Kansas City for a training for work.
So for their vacation, Penny flew to Kansas City and Bart, being
the considerate person that he is, did as promised and drove
Mom and Jo all the way to Canada for a visit.
We had several days of touring, game playing, cinnamon
roll making, visiting and yummy food.  It was a great time,
had by all.  Again, family is everything.

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