Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Big Egg

I've seen the big egg, Mom has seen the big egg, Jo has
seen the big egg.
But Bart hasn't seen the big egg, so we took Bart to see
the Ukrainian egg.
And he was "thrilled", can't you see it on
his face?
And he loves to have his picture taken.
Then we drove them to Mundare, now not even Mom or
Jo have been to the city of Mundare.
The city of the world's largest sausage and the sausage processing plant.
We took pictures of the sausage,
and the blue buffalo, then we went to the meat plant and had several
tasty samples, purchased a few different flavors of sausage and picked up
free pins.  We were so excited.
Bart couldn't wait to get a taste of a sausage.
So noble, don't you think.
I'm sure Tyler could help us read this marker, even though
it's in Ukrainian.  It's surprising the Ukrainian migration and
influence in this area, in all of Edmonton actually.
We've been here a few other times, but I was never able to get the pictures 
of the entry way and gate to the city.

It must be fairly new, it looks pretty nice.
This is a really cool shot with the sausage through the gateway.
I've never even noticed this little tower before, but I did this time.
And this awesome painting on the side of a building downtown.
We went looking for city pins at the museum and found a hidden
treasure.  This was in the window above the front doors.  A replica
of an Ukrainian church or temple.
Look at this wonderful painted portrait of a family,
and these gorgeous Ukrainian eggs.  They are magnificent, so
detailed and very delicate, they are actual egg shells.

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