Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Say, Cheese!

We took the Courtney's out today to take some senior pictures.
It's fun to go out exploring, because we always find something new.
Like this painting on the side of a building.
A different side of the river, we've never been here before,
it's the park behind the Edmonton museum.
This is part of the museum, it has gorgeous architecture.
These flags were amazing blowing in the wind.
Unique oriental pagoda.
Very detailed.
I had a hard time keeping the girls from posing like the totem.
They are into this new thing, it's called "statue"ing, it's like
planking!  Courtney had a hard time planking on this sign,
she just kept sliding off.
So cute, love the shoes.
Not sure what this creature is, ancient creepy bunny?

Now this is some serious planking, on the steps of the museum,
no less.  We had a terrific day and got some great shots.
Senior pictures to follow, stay tuned.

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