Thursday, April 19, 2012

Meet Me in St Louis

We didn't arrive in St. Louis until after 5:00 PM.
I had hoped to get some of that wonderful St. Louis BBQ
but we didn't have time to do everything.
Sister Clark took me to the beautiful St. Louis Temple.
We were able to slip in and do some temple work.
It was wonderful and the workers were so kind, knew 
and loved Sister Clark.
The sun was just going down when we came out, 
you can see the effects on the little purple pansies.
The temple is surrounded by other churches 
and their HUGE, fabulous, buildings.
Then we walked around the temple and I took some pictures.
The flowers were gorgeous, flowers haven't even poked their
little heads out in Canada, yet.

I have really enjoyed seeing other temples around
the world.  My dream is to get to as many
as I can in my lifetime.
They are all so unique and majestic.
This one looked particularly glowing in the evening sun.
Holiness To The Lord
The picture doesn't do it justice, but it was a spectacular sunset.
more flowers
They have a fountain in front, we don't have a fountain at the 
Edmonton Temple, too cold.
After the temple, Sister Clark gave me the whirlwind tour of St. Louis.
She took me to their favorite BBQ place that they take all their
outgoing missionaires to.  It was just like on the food network, this
awesome cooker out in front of the restaurant.  She said the ribs 
are to die for.  Unfortunately there was a sign on the front door,
"no more food today, all sold out".
So I didn't get any ribs, in fact, we didn't get dinner at all.

We drove past the St. Louis Cardinals Stadium, the football stadium,
the St. Louis Zoo that she says is free and along the Mississippi River,
past the St. Louis Arch.
It was dark by this time, so the pictures are really bad.  This one shows
the city, through the arch.  We climbed the stairs to the top and looked
up at the arch.  It was so high.
I didn't know this, and I had a hard time believing her, but you
can ride to the top in a tram type car.  Then you can stop and look 
out over the city from an observation deck.  Cool, scary but cool.
If we had come earlier, I almost would have gotten up the courage to 
go to the top.  Maybe, next time I visit?

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