Thursday, April 19, 2012

On The Road Again

Today we flew out early for St. Louis.
 Because it is my favorite person in the
whole world's mission, I told her we would fly in 
early so she could show me around her fair city
 and maybe get me to the temple.  Yeah!!
We should get to St Louis around 3:30 PM, perfect.
Our first stop was Minneapolis, where naturally our flight
 was delayed.  We ate lunch at a T.G.I. Friday's and I 
walked around the airport taking pictures and looking for 
souvenirs.  I like to pick up a t-shirt or something for Courtney.
I wanted to get her this happy Snoopy, but he wasn't for sale.
He was so cute with his little suitcase and toy airplane.
Welcome Minnesota!
A couple of bears, goin' fishin'.
They are soooo cute!  Just hanging around,
so to speak.
So we didn't even take off until 5 minutes
after we were suppose to of landed in 
St. Louis.  So I called Sister Clark and told 
her we'd get in as soon as we could and I would
call her.  She was so kind, said we'd do as much
as we could fit in.

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