Monday, April 16, 2012

Wal Mart

I don't know why this upsets me so badly, but it bothered me 
enough to take pictures, and I've done it on more than one
occasion.  I quite like Wal Mart, I know a majority of people
do not, but silly me, I like getting things for a better price.
Back in Utah, I used to hit the local Wal Mart, at least
once a week, sometimes even more.  So naturally when
I came to Canada and found that there was a Wal Mart
just down the street, I was ecstatic.  But my excitement was 
short lived because this Wal Mart is and always has been,
a mess!
And I mean, a mess.  Dirty, unorganized, items stacked 
everywhere, like in the carts above.  Aisles are narrow and
almost impassable especially when you come across carts 
like in the above two pictures.
Then I came across this in the toy aisle.  Granted I later
found out they were moving shelves and rearranging.
But this isn't the exception, this is usually the rule.
Dear Wal Mart,  take back control of your
Canadian stores,  Please!

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