Friday, April 6, 2012

It's The Easter Bunny

The Easter Bunny came a few days early,
before the girls had to go home.
These cute little guys showed up in their buckets and they brought
colored bubbles too, pink ones!
Lots of yummy easter candy, foiled wrapped chocolate eggs,
pastel M & M's and my mom's favorite, marshmallow cream eggs.
Rolo eggs and Reese's peanut butter eggs just to name a few.
Along with the easter bunny and yummy candy, we
had to dye easter eggs.  I had pre-boiled the eggs, so they
were ready to be decorated.
The girls even let me help decorate a couple.  I like mine a solid
color and dark, so I put them in and let them sit.
The girls really showed their talents and artistic ability.
Especially Courtney O, she has an amazing eye for art.
Very talented indeed.
They dunked
and wrapped
and came up with some fun ideas and designs.
As you can see, Courtney takes her eggs very seriously.

We snuck up and got a glimpse of the REAL easter bunny.
The girls passed on sitting on his lap, I don't know why though?
He is so cute and cuddly looking.
When we got home, the girls found that the easter treats had
been delivered and they were all over the house.
They searched and searched and found everything,
except for, one purple egg, can you see it?
Thanks for playing along ladies and letting me have some fun.
Holidays just aren't the same without family around.  I'm glad
we were able to share this one with the Courtneys.

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  1. How fun!!! We didn't do easter candy this year (watching that sugar intake still...kind of) so seeing this made me want to run out and see if there was any left in the store! P.S. That is a creepy bunny and the huge basket behind him makes it a little creepier for some odd reason. I would have passed too!