Saturday, April 13, 2013

Back in Edmonton

We spent all afternoon in Denver, our flight didn't take off
until after 6:00 PM and we flew straight home, which was nice.
I know these are little things, and they are silly, but I realized that this would
probably be the last time we'll go through customs, coming back into Canada.
Our last passport stamp!
The last time we'd see what the missionaries see when they arrive.
So I had to stop and take pictures.  It seems like there is something new
every time we leave and come back.  This time we noticed the living
wall, (above) it is made entirely of living plants.  Unique, intriguing,
but kind of strange looking.
And of course, the Oil Kings display.  They really love their hockey.
Sad to say, we never made it to a real hockey game.  I say real, we did
go see the women play over at the U of A when Heather and Brad were
here.  We thought it was the men's team and it ended up being the women's.
Oh well, maybe next time?  The Oil Kings even made it to the playoffs
this year, but the planet's just didn't align for us, too busy. 
And these poor deer, well they've been here since the first day we
flew in with Courtney.  It's one of the first things we saw.  We were
fascinated by them, didn't have any clue what we were in for.
I will call them, Elder Buck and Elder Whitetail! 

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