Monday, April 15, 2013


Heather flew in this afternoon, we were so excited and thrilled
to have her for a short visit.  She hasn't seen me since last May 
and she hasn't seen her dad in over a year.  It was time!  
We picked her up at the airport and went straight to lunch with three
of our assistants that were back in Edmonton for a visit themselves.
We had a great time, ate some burgers, took some pictures, shared some laughs.
It was a great time had by all. 
When we got back to the mission home and helped Heather in with
her luggage, the first thing she wanted to do was Skype with Brad,
I know she misses him and all, but isn't that a little ridiculous.  They
just said goodbye to each other a few hours ago.
So after Brad got off work, she called him on Skype and told us
that they wanted to give us our Father's Day and Mother's Day gifts.
Well I'm all about gifts, so she handed over the sack and in the sack
were three rolled up ties for Chris, I assume and these two darling
little items for me!!!!!
Got us both, right between the eyes.  I know I didn't have any clue.
She once told me that if she did get pregnant she was going to drive all
the way up here to tell us in person.  But I just didn't see this one coming.
We are so excited for the two of them.  You couldn't wipe the smile off
Brad's face, the two of them were priceless.  I love how they chose Canadian
themed onesies to tell us.  Cute, cute!!!
Now there's really something to go home to, two new grand-babies.
And they won't be born until after we get home.  Yeah!!!!

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