Tuesday, April 16, 2013

West Ed Mall

Today we took Heather to West Ed Mall for one last trek, with her that is.
I'm hoping to come back once or twice before we head home.
It's just such a fascinating place.  We wanted to show Heather the new
"Simon's" store.  It is so massive and hard to explain, you really need
to see it first hand.  She was very impressed but we didn't buy anything.
That's one store I'd like to peruse on my own terms, slow and un-rushed.
Chris was bombarded by calls, so Heather and I slowly looked around.
The Cinnabon smell was to die for, but we resisted.
We slowly strolled down the streets of Paris, if only!
This one got to us, we couldn't resist the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.
Just look at that slab of fudge.  The man was very nice, explaining to us
each and every step of the process.  He was just starting to cut it and 
package it.  We settled for a piece of chocolate each and a delicious
caramel apple to share.  Oh how I love this place.  
Now this. . . this is what I want for Christmas.  This is what I need
for Christmas.  Will you just look at those blocks of chocolate that
are in the bottom, waiting to be melted into this gorgeous work of art.
I really do need one of these machines at my house, no question.
The update that they were working on last time Heather was here,
is complete, 
with beautiful tile flooring and breathtaking fountains of water.
Now they are working on something else.  Always updating or
remodeling something in the mall.
All in all, we had a really fun day.  The mall wasn't busy at all,
we pulled into the parking lot and right into a spot, that's just unheard of.
When the missionaries talk about the West Ed Mall, Chris tells them it's
not a big deal.  But it is a big deal, you don't want to shop there, it is 
very pricey, but you have to see it.  It's truly a phenomenon.

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