Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Sister Meldrum's Concert

Sister Meldrum, a sweet sister that worked in the office as the
secretary and a good friend, plays in a community orchestra and invited
me to attend a concert they were putting on.  I have been trying to get to 
one of her performances for over 6 months and this night seemed to work.
Her and her husband came and picked me up, one because I don't have a 
car and two, because President had a meeting.  It was in Sherwood Park,
at, Campbelltown Elementary School.  A french immersion school. 
That is Lorna on the left, playing the flute.  The concert was outstanding.
They do a remarkable job for a community orchestra that practices just once
a week.  And the songs they played, oh, some of my very most favorites.
Medley's from Beauty and the Beast, Sound of Music, Phantom of the Opera
and several catchy Beatles tunes.  I thought of my dad as I listened and how 
much he used to enjoy music.  I caught myself tapping my foot and leading 
the music with my hand, low and on the side, just like he used to do.
Thank you Lorna, for one of the best cultural activities I've had, 
since I've been here.  It was truly delightful.

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