Sunday, April 21, 2013

I Scream!

I decided to celebrate Heather's birthday, even though I was off by
a few months.  Not really celebrate, but asked her what her choice
would be for a birthday dinner.  That will come later.  The important
part was finding out what flavor ice cream she wanted.
She was hesitant of the dairy and raw eggs, so she chose
lemon sorbet.
We found the recipe in my trusty Ben and Jerry's recipe book and mixed
it up, it was quite simple and required no milk.
Then just for fun, we also made fresh strawberry ice cream for Chris,
one of his favorites, likes the fresh fruit idea.
We chopped and stirred and mixed and churned and voila! 
Sorbet and Ice Cream
The lemon sorbet was DELICIOUS, my new favorite.  I kept going back
for another scoop, it was so sweet and refreshing.  After Heather went
home, I finished off the rest of it all by myself.  So good, can't even begin 
to tell you.  One we will be making again, soon.
The strawberry was very good too, just look how pretty it turned out.
I would definitely make this one again, Chris loved it.  
It makes such a perfect scoop, wouldn't you say?

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  1. Lets make the lemon sorbet the FIRST Sunday you are home okay? Okay good, I'm glad you agree. :)