Tuesday, April 23, 2013

See the Mission Home

I took a few pictures of the mission home for Sister Manion,
so she could get an idea of what to expect.  But it was a good
thing for me to capture some views of the house for myself.
Something to remember it by.
Let me take you on a tour!  The door to the left leads to
the laundry room and ultimately to the garage.  The door on the right
is the half bathroom.  I have loved the grandfather clock, definitely
considering getting one when we get home.
This view is from the front entry way.  When you come in the front
door, you see the stairs that lead to the bedrooms.
To the left of the front door is the front room,
and the dining room.
Another view of the front room looking towards the front of the house.
This is the kitchen, the "way to small to feed 14 missionaries" kitchen.
the kitchen dining area, I finally added another leaf to this table so
we could fit another two people, but we've outgrown this too
Our family room.  Can you tell that I took these pictures around Easter time?
When all is said and done, the only thing left will be the two potted
plants, everything else is ours that we are taking home.
That is how we made this house our home.
This is the view into President's office from the front door, see all
the little missionaries on the white board.
And this is the main level of the mission home.  Nice!

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