Monday, April 15, 2013

Guess Who's Coming . . . .

We picked Heather up at the airport and went right to Five Guys
to meet up with a few of our "old" assistants.  They are in
town for a visit and they wanted to see us.  Sooo excited.
What a wonderful day, first Heather and then this.  We just love it
when our missionaries come back to say "hi".
They all three looked great and it was so amazing to talk with them and
catch up on their lives and what they've been up to.  These three are truly
the best of the best.  Proud to call them "ours".
We get warm hugs from them and it's so great that they are not
afraid to embrace us, makes us feel so loved.
Here we are with the three of them, thanks to Heather manning the camera.
This is James, Elder Knight to you.  He has been going to school,
doing a bit of hiking, (lives by the Tetons) and has a girl, sorta!
This is Michael, Elder Fields to you.  He's following in his
dad's footsteps and going the military route.  Boy does he ever wish
he'd learned German now!  He will be starting
up at BYU this fall.  Nice to have him so close.
And this is Ben, Elder Richards to you.  He is doing awesome,
very, very busy with school and working.  Still plans to go into
medicine and is much too busy for a girl. (that's just my observation) 
This is the second time that Ben's been back up here and called us
 both times, seriously, dear friends for life.
Thanks boys, for stopping in to say "hello".

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