Friday, April 12, 2013


We took off on Thursday morning for Denver and our last 
Mission President's Seminar.  My attitude and feelings have changed
quite a bit over the past two and a half years.  I think I've grown,
I guess that's what we are supposed to do in this life, right?
This is our sophomore class, or Class of 2012!  These are the mission presidents
that were called and took their positions last July, they've almost been serving
for a year now.  Wow, hard to believe we were once in their shoes.
Seems like so very long ago.  But so glad it's them.
The couple on the far left are the new medical advisors, Sister Mary-Beard Reese
actually, he just came along for the ride.  Seven other couples, big class.
This is our "junior" class, or Class of 2011!  Wonderful couples,
all of which we've become very close with.  They will always be dear
to us.  And they are on their second year, over half way there.
And this is our class, the graduating class of 2013, our senior class,
or Class of 2010!  The year we came out.  
We will always have a very special place for these couples in our hearts,
we have grown with them, learned with them and struggled with them.
The very first day in the MTC we were put with these fine people because
we were in the same north central area, so we bonded immediately and became
very close.
from left:  President and Sister Cannon, The Jones',  President and Sister Maynes,
The Jergensen's, President and Sister Clark and The Campbell's (us).
Our lives will be forever changed and these wonderful people, are really
the only ones, that will ever know exactly what we've been through.
We will be friends forever and ever, bonded by missionary work.
It was fast but sweet and we were on our way home, by way of the 
Denver airport.  I think they've changed things since the last time we flew
through here, I don't remember these unique ceilings.  Denver is all about
the Rocky Mountains.  These tarps are supposed to represent them.
Kind of fun.

Just a little about our seminar.  We flew in Thursday afternoon and was
greeted by all our dear friends and mission family.  We were pleased
to have a special dinner that evening with Elder Quentin L. Cook of the
Quorum of the Twelve.  Elder Christensen spoke briefly and then introduced
Elder Cook who spoke to us for just a minute.  He would be addressing us
in the meetings the following day.  Dinner was wonderful and we enjoyed
the visits.  It's always great to see everyone and catch up.  

The following day, we spend listening to the four C's.  Elder Cook taught us,
then we had trainings from Elder Christensen, who is over us, Elder Cardon and 
Elder Carlson, he was new to the seminar this year, but very impressive.
He has a military background, a four star general and he teaches as such.
They were all very, very good.

We were treated to complimentary breakfasts in the morning from the hotel
restaurant.  I ate the first morning but skipped the next, trying to be good.
We had nice meals together, we even ate one of them with Elder Rhodes.
Now that we are almost done, he has really opened up to us, I think he was
a little reserved at first because we were his replacement.  But he was
laughing and joking about the mission and we were getting a big kick out of him.

The last night, we took the above pictures and the next morning after a
brief training in the morning, we were all on our way back to our missions,
probably never to see some of these people ever again.  We said our tearful
goodbyes and went our separate ways.  I wrote little notes to my dear friends
and left them at their tables,  but Sister Clark slipped out before I could even
 tell her goodbye.  I was deeply saddened, the entire way home.

I will forever cherish the people we met, the trainings we received and the
eternal friendships we made.  Goodbye and good luck!
"God be with you 'til we meet again!"

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