Saturday, April 13, 2013

Real Shopping!

Ahhh, REAL shopping, do you know how long it's been since
I've set foot in a JC Penney or Target, too long.
We don't have Penney's in Canada and I quite like Penney's, every now
and again.  They usually have nice dresses.  There is no variety in Canada,
they have The Bay and Sears, but that's it, no more.  That's why I've been
ordering all my skirts and tops through Christopher and Banks and having
the kids bring them up when they come, or mail them to me.
I realized the other day, that I haven't boughten anything casual, in over
three years.  Now that's got to be a record, at least for me.
Now a Target, a real Target.  I say that because we are getting Target
stores in Canada.  In fact, I am really hoping that they open before we have
to go home.  They are on date to open spring of 2013.  I guess that's
not going to happen, we are never going to see spring.
I'm just curious to see if they will be true Target stores, or Canadian
Target stores.  Things are just different, hard to explain.
We drove over to this outdoor mall, to walk around before our flight
back home, to Canada.  It was a beautiful spring day, almost too warm.
We saw these cute bear sculptures,
found out the Christopher and Banks store had closed down
and I couldn't resist and got a cold stone treat.   Shouldn't have,
it wasn't that great.  I tried to talk Chris into getting a Chick-fil-A 
but he resisted.  I would have had one, but we'd just eaten lunch back
at the hotel.  It was a sack lunch and just okay, should have waited.
I hung out with a couple of bears and had my picture taken with them.
"Watch out for mama bear behind you".
I'm ready to go back and give it my all for the next 2 1/2 months.
Can you say "trunkie"?

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