Thursday, April 18, 2013

More Shopping

Chris had a follow up training with the newest missionaires,
so Heather and I dropped him off at the Stake Center and I took
her over to South Edmonton Common.  I wanted to show her a new 
store that I've discovered.
A Lindt seconds store.  They have all kinds of Lindt chocolates 
for a discounted price.  The prices aren't that much better, but the
store is awesome.  Rows and rows, bins and bins of chocolate truffles.

But the best part of the day is when we got out of the car to check out
the Lindt store and saw a maternity store right next door.
Well naturally that's where we went first.  They were having a sale
and we had a ball.  Heather looked and looked and chose several
things to try on.  There were tops for under $10.  The best part was
when she went back to the dressing room to try some things on.
They had these fake baby bumps that you could strap on and it would
make you look three months further along than you actually were.
She looked soooo cute.  It was fun to see what she might look like
about the time that we get home.  Best invention ever.
She picked up several really cute maternity blouses and didn't pay very
much at all.  It was fun to see her get to take a few things home.
She also went through my closet and took home several things that she
can wear for a little while.  They're not maternity but they will look 
really cute and be something different to change it up.

Then we went to the Lindt store, to get a treat.
What a fun event that I wouldn't have gotten to experience otherwise.
Another wonderful tender mercy, along the way.

Oh yeah, and after we picked up dad from his training, we went
to another mall to look at ties and we couldn't keep Heather from
wrestling this poor steer, whatever!

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  1. What a fun shopping trip this was! I cannot believe we found Thyme just by looking for chocolates! This was the day we also hit up the Bulk Barn...something I will miss about Canada.