Wednesday, April 17, 2013


I had so many things to do with Heather, so many plans.
But she had other plans, her plans were called "making a baby".
She did a lot of eating, little small things to keep her tummy settled,
and a lot of sleeping.  I can't believe my baby's having a baby. WOW!
So she slept, and I did the projects that I had planned.  I really just 
needed someone to be in the room with me, keep me company. 
She was silent company, but good company none the less.
Today I worked on finishing up my blocks.  It's only taken me two
years.  I started out with a starter set, but I felt like I needed to add to
it.  So through the past two years, I have purchased more blocks and
Heather has brought me up more vinyl letters from home.  When I'm 
done, I will be able to say almost anything.  For instance, I only have
one "B", how do you spell "we're having a baby" with only one "B".
And we did all this while it snowed outside.
And snowed, and snowed, and snowed.

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  1. bad. If it helps any I am still doing a lot of sleeping and eating so it wasn't just up there, its everywhere. :)