Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A Very Special Day!

Today is a very special day.  It's America's birthday!
And being away from home, it makes it very difficult on days like this.
We can decorated and celebrate all we want but know one else cares.
Until we traveled down to Red Deer, and zone conference 
just happened to land on Independence Day.
When we went into the gym for lunch, unbeknownst to us,
they had done this for our American missionaries.
Red cups, blue plates and a picture of our flag in the middle.
They had no idea what this meant to us all.
Then they brought our dessert, well this just made me cry.
Our American flag made out of cupcakes.
Wow, this literally takes the cake, so thoughtful.
And look inside, this is so me, I was thrilled beyond words.
As a tradition we sing "Called to Serve" to the kitchen helpers.
We did that, and then they asked us if we would sing our national
anthem.  We did it with pride and there was one of the sisters
with tears in her eyes.  There are a lot of Americans living in Canada
because of marriages and family.  I wondered if she was one.

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  1. SOOOOOOO awesome! Those cupcakes are just so cool and made into the flag!? Even better! What sweet women!