Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sunday Supper

We enjoyed a wonderful sabbath with our dear friends.  We took them
to our ward and proudly introduced them to everyone as our dear
friends and Courtney's Mom and Dad.
For supper we had salmon, yum.  Everyone made it their own way.
Not quite sure what is in Kent's bowl.  Maybe he wants a bigger salad.
Kaitlin, she's so silly, I really miss her.
She zoomed right in on my fruity gum display, 
display being the optimum word here.
I bought these darling little fruit gums last year for a decoration
to put on my counter.  They were so fun I stored them 
away during the winter months and brought them out again
this summer.  Well, before I knew it, Kaitlin was taking one out of
the jar and attempting to chew it.  I thought for sure she would
break a tooth, but they were surprisingly still fresh and soft enough. 
 She ate a half dozen before the visit was through.
We have visitors that are staying around for awhile, mark
their cups so we don't go through as many.  
Here are the Packer's, Kent, Karlee, Kaitlin and Wendy!
The best friends in the whole world, we owe you our lives
for taking in our baby girl and letting her live with you.

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