Tuesday, July 24, 2012


We are off to pick up our next group of new missionaries.  We
get so excited getting ready for our latest newcomers.
Wow, this is really taking shape.  It's a brand new hotel and I would
imagine a conference center.  It sits right next to the airport terminals.
They started building it about a year ago, if I remember right.
I think it's a Courtyard by Marriott.
They've arrived, their late, but there here.
And we arrived at the airport just as they were landing.
Now we wait.  It usually takes them between 45-60 minutes
from the time they land.
Compared to the last group and the next three groups to come, 
this was a cinch.  A nice small group.  Two sisters and two elders.
Elder Eklund and Elder Woodruff show off their new Canadian ties.
They're so funny.
They just ordered them in new this week.
Sister Eklund brought these gorgeous flowers in to put on the dest at 
the office.  They adorned our lunch table.  We fed the new missionaries,
did a little training, let them watch the driving video and then left the
office and headed for the mission home.
The afternoon was filled with interviews, training from the
assistants, resting and trying to get a grip on being in the mission field.
Then I served them dinner.  I bought the chips special for
Canada day, red and white, sort of.
Super nachos, chips, meat, beans, cheese, lettuce and sour cream.
They fix their own and can pretty much have what they want
and as much as they want.

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