Friday, July 20, 2012

Devonian Gardens

Today we took an official "P" day, a "play" date.  I discovered this
really good deal in the paper.  You pay one larger sum and it 
gets you admission into about 12 attractions in Edmonton and the 
surrounding areas. 
 We have been meaning to see some of these places anyway,
but this will give us the needed push to get them all in before we
go home.  And that will be a good thing because the tickets are 
only good through the end of the year.
Today we ventured out to Devon.  We took the time to stop and take
some pictures along the way.  Usually we are on our way to church
or a meeting, so today we just took it slow.
Our final destination was the Devonian Gardens.
There's not much to say, I will if needed, but just 
enjoy the pictures I took.
This was kind of a Rapunzel tower.
Perfect lighting, according to mr. photographer,
so I took a picture of him.
Of course no garden is complete without a oil rig.

I loved these sunflowers.

Cute little shanty.
Aside from the main gardens was an oriental garden.
Somehow it was different, more tranquil.  Beautiful 
waterfalls and babbling brooks.
And squirrels, Canadian squirrels. Very cute.

These were wonderful little plants,
on stilts.
It's like those little gardens that you set on your desk.

This bell was made especially for Edmonton and brought from Japan.
The large wooden rod on the right is what makes it sound.
The whole gardens was just so peaceful and calming.

Then we went into a special greenhouse that was a host to dozens
of different species of butterflies.  We only got a glimpse of a few.

Chris had a heyday, this was right up his alley, all the flowers and
trees.  A picture taking smorgasbord.  This day was especially designed
for him, and I was glad to share it with him.

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