Saturday, July 7, 2012

On The Road Again

We saw some wonderful things along the way.
These graffiti rock walls were amazing.
It's kind of a rock yearbook.

You can just imagine the kids driving out here to sign their names.
Our first moose, this is the first moose we've seen since we've
been here in Canada.  And can you see the little one.  We got a 
bonus and saw a mama and baby.  I caught this picture with my
camera before Chris could pull his camera out.  He missed it.
Oh, if we could have just gotten a little closer, but a car spooked them
off and they ran into the woods.  I spent the rest of the trip looking
intently into the trees as we drove by.
We saw our first moose!  Today.
When we left Dawson Creek, we could see a line
of wind mills.  As we got higher into the mountains
we came across this huge project.
They are putting up wind mills across the entire
mountainside.  We passed huge trucks bringing very
large parts to the site.  
The wind mills are in various stages along the way.

There are like an army of giant marching soldiers.
They do look like giants rising above the trees.
I just had to take a picture of this, it defiantly represents.
It was so nice being in the mountains and the woods.
Feels like home.
I'm not as good as Chris at taking pictures of weeds, but
I do my best.

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